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Benefits of PowerNav

Quick to Implement and Easy to Maintain

The PowerNav system monitors beacon battery life to notify you when batteries need to be replaced. Beacons can last for years due to very low power consumption.

The app is instantly available to visitors on any smartphone device.


Low Cost and Free to Users

PowerNav is subscription based and the most price-competitive wayfinding solution on the market with no up-front licensing fees and an affordable monthly subscription. Users can easily download the app for free from iTunes or the Play Store.


Multi-lingual Support

Wayfinding Instructions support any language to better serve multi-cultural communities.

Improved Visitor Experience

Reduce frustration by allowing your visitors to find any location within your site in a stress-free and seamless way.

Improved Staff Efficiency

Reduce employee time spent directing traffic to allow them to focus on other ways to delight your visitors.

Assist Traffic Flow

Direct the traffic flow within your facility to suit your desired pathways.