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PowerNav App Features

Here are some of the latest features for PowerNav. To find out more, click on the Release Notes below or contact us for a demonstration.

Latest Features

Introducing PowerNav Kiosk

PowerNav Kiosk enables users to access digital wayfinding from a static device, such as an iPad or existing kiosk located at the entrance to your facility, or via a web browser on a home computer.

PowerNav Kiosk presents the same branding and functionality as the app, providing directions to all visitors, including those who do not have PowerNav downloaded to their phone.

Users can look up directions on the kiosk, scan a QR code on the screen and continue their journey viewing the directions on their phone. Directions can also be printed to PDF for reference or to send to other users.

Directions List

The directions list presents an alternative format to the traditional map layout, providing a set of wayfinding instructions in an ordered list with clear, directional arrows for easy reference.

The user's device will vibrate to alert key changes of direction, and can be used with audible directions for the vision impaired.



Seamless Navigation from Home

We've made it easier than ever for users to prepare for their visit. Seamless navigation enables users to locate their destination within the PowerNav enabled facility, and navigate there from home.


Interactive Appointment Reminders

Reduce missed appointments or meetings with interactive reminders. Users can simply save the date and time to the calendar on their phone, and a reminder notification will be sent prior to the appointment. Users can then call the facility if they need to cancel or reschedule.


User Arrival Notification

You can now configure the PowerNav system to send a message to an external system when a user arrives at your facility. Examples of use include:

  • Message an outpatient booking system when a patient arrives at a hospital
  • Alert a meeting organiser when an invited meeting attendee arrives
  • Notify a curator when a visitor arrives for a self-guided tour



Helpful Destination Page

We've added some handy quick information buttons to make it easy to find out more about a destination. Users can visit the website, or call the facility if they're running late for an appointment. Bookmark and Share buttons are here too.