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How does it work?

Free for users to download

Users dowload PowerNav free of charge from the app store or scan a QR code provided by the organisation
(for example, an appointment letter from a hospital, event invitation from a gallery or similar).

Automatically activated

Users are greeted by the app on arrival at the venue and asked to select their destination from a directory.

Step-by-step navigation

PowerNav provides simple step-by-step instructions to guide users effortlessly to their required destination.



Why don't we just use WiFi?

PowerNav uses Bluetooth beacons positioned throughout the site, along with inbuilt smartphone technologies to provide accurate position tracking for indoor navigation. 

The advantages of Bluetooth for Wayfinding

Location Accuracy

Bluetooth beacons are specifically designed for indoor positioning and provide more accurate location results than WiFi


Supports User Privacy

Bluetooth users must ‘allow’ detection and ‘opt-in’ for notifications, whereas WiFi needs no permission to track and send notifications


Low Deployment Costs

The per unit price of Bluetooth beacons is a fraction of the cost of WiFi routers


Low Power Consumption

Bluetooth uses less than 3% of the device battery power required by WiFi for same task



Easy Setup

Bluetooth is designed for portable equipment and requires minimal configuration compared to WiFi


Limited Interference

Bluetooth uses weak signals meaning that devices can communicate in ‘noisy’ environments (e.g. hospitals) without the connection errors experienced with WiFi


Device Compatability

Bluetooth is compatable with more devices than WiFi